What is a Marketing Funnel?

by: Liel Laferrière posted on: 2023-01-25 tags: funnel, marketing funnel

The marketing funnel is a series of steps used in digital marketing to track prospects throughout the client journey. The funnel helps marketers, like us, plan and measure their efforts to attract, engage and convert those leads into clients.


Brand awareness


At this stage, the main goal is to introduce your brand and products to your target audience. This stage of the funnel is where all marketing efforts should be focused to attract attention and reach as many potential clients as possible.  This stage is where prospects first become aware of and engage with your brand.  The goal with this stage is to make your brand "top of mind" so that they think of you and consider your brand when ready to make a purchase.




This is when people start to get interested in your brand. They consider your product or brand and want to know more.  Potential clients enter the middle of the funnel once they've engaged with your brand: they may have signed up for your newsletter or they follow you on social media, for example.


This is the stage where we try to convert the prospect who has shown interest in your brand into a client. We must give them specific reasons to answer these two questions:  Why choose your brand and why buy your product.

This last stage of the funnel is where the prospect takes action and becomes a client. Any marketing offensive targeting these customers must convey a sense of urgency (Call to Action).  Creating a marketing funnel is not a simple task, but it is a way to significantly improve the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

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